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Arrival & Morning Drop Off:

  • Students may be dropped off starting at 7:30am. School doors (front doors only) open at 7:30am. The tardy bell rings at 7:50am.
  • Car riders should be dropped off using the front circle only. Please utilize the entrance to the car-rider line through Moreland Drive, pull into the car-rider line, and then follow the circle to the front doors where teachers and safety patrol are waiting to greet and help your student.
  • Please refrain from dropping students off in the parking lot. The front parking lot is NOT for student drop off due to student safety reasons. Do NOT get out of your car. Staff and Safety Patrol students will help your student exit the vehicle.
  • Breakfast is served in the cafeteria starting at 7:30 - 7:45am.
  • In order to protect instructional time, parents will not be able to walk their student to their classroom.
  • Students may enter the building and walk to their classroom or go to the cafeteria for breakfast starting at 7:30am when the front doors unlock.

Afternoon Dismissal and Pick-up:

  • Students will be dismissed at 3:10pm daily.
  • If you need to change the way your child will go home for the day, please be sure to contact your child's teacher in the morning and the front office prior to 2:00pm so that we can ensure students are aware of the change that day.
  • Due to dismissal processes taking place within the school building, student check-out cannot occur through the front office after 2:30pm.
  • Student dismissal options include: Car Rider, Walker/Bike Rider, Day Care, or YMCA. Details regarding each dismissal option are listed below:
    • Bus Riders & Day Care: All bus riders and day care riders are supervised and loaded on buses by Ford staff. Per district policy at this time, students are not allowed to ride on a bus that they're not assigned to.
    • Walkers and Bike Riders: We have two sets of walkers and bike riders, Lakeside and Woodlake. All walkers and bike riders will be walked out of the building across the crosswalk by a Ford staff member. If you are waiting to walk your student home, we ask that all parents wait for their students to cross safely in the designated area off campus. When walking with your students, please model safety procedures and expectations and always use crosswalks to cross streets, parking lots, and roads. Please do not cut in front of on-coming traffic or cars as this is very unsafe for our students and the drivers.
    • Car Riders: Please utilize the entrance to the car rider line through Moreland Drive, pull into the car-rider line, and then follow the circle to the front doors where teachers and staff are waiting to greet and help your student into the car. Please be sure to stay in your car so that the line may move quickly. Do NOT cut in front of other cars already waiting in line. Please ensure that you have your car tag with student number visible when pulling through the line so that staff can call for your child and have them waiting at a designated station for loading. The car rider line will begin once the bell rings at 3:10pm. Please keep in mind that the first couple of days of dismissal will take longer. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Other Dismissal Considerations and Safety Protocols:

  • Please remember cell phone use is prohibited in a school zone and in our car-rider line. It is very important that all attention is placed on what's most important, which is our students. 
  • Students should always be encouraged to walk their bikes when on campus and through crosswalks to prevent any accidents.
  • Parents may not walk up to the car-rider line to pick up a student. Please notify the office if there is an emergency, and a staff member will assist you. Otherwise, all car riders should be placed in cars by a staff member.
  • We have student leaders serving on our safety patrol in the mornings.
  • Please let your child's teacher and the front office know any time your student will be going home a different way than normal. If you need to change your child's transportation during the school day, those changes must be made by 2:00pmn in order to prepare students for dismissal. 


  • All visitors need to sign in at the front office. This policy will be strictly enforced throughout the day. If you plan to be on campus, you must first report to the front office and sign in and get a visitors badge. A visitors badge will only allow you to eat lunch on the stage with your student or have a meeting/conference with your students' teacher. If you plan to be on campus for any other activity or event, you must have an approved volunteer background check through GISD.  Lunches, schoolwork or any other deliveries may be left with the front office and we will deliver them to your students to minimize disruptions.

**To attend any event other than what's listed above, you must have an approved "volunteer" background check through GISD.**


  • All volunteers must have an approved volunteer background check through GISD.  This must be done yearly.  If you plan to volunteer, attend class parties or any school event, you must have an approved volunteer background check.  You are required to report to the front office and sign in and get a volunteer badge. The volunteer badge is required to be worn at all times.

Birthday Treats:

  • Birthdays are a special day and students love having extra treats to celebrate with their peers. Please make sure to coordinate birthday treats with the teacher prior to bringing them.