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Birthday Book Club

Birthday Book Club

This library program creates a special opportunity for you to acknowledge your child’s birthday this year and for years to come by helping our library grow! 

Here's how to sign up! 

Click the link below to sign up online and choose a book! A notification will be sent directly to the librarian - no paper form needed! 


Your child’s “membership” includes:

  • A new book he/she selects from the Support Our Library website, which will be donated to the Ford Library in his/her honor.

  • The placement of a bookplate inside the book selected to commemorate the child’s birthday.

  • A special donut goodie bag delivered to your child’s classroom by the last Friday of his/her birthday month, including a donut and special prizes! 

 (Summer Birthdays = “half birthdays” ---> June = December, July = January)

  • The birthday child will be the FIRST to check-out the new book from the library.

  • A photograph will be displayed in the library of Birthday Book Club members.