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Ms. Wyatt

Rienne Photo

Riene Wyatt

Extension 7943

Hi! I’m Ms. Wyatt and this is my ninth year at Ford Elementary. I LOVE teaching 4th Grade with my AWESOME TEAM! I teach Math & Science. 

I have two children and three dogs. My son, Chris, is a commander in the US Marine Corps where he has PROUDLY served our country for 21 years. He served in two Iraq deployments, which were very scary for this momma. He gave me a WONDERFUL daughter-in-law, Krista, and three PRECIOUS granddaughters, Kenli-13, Kaybri-11, and Kiptyn-6 to CHERISH. And I really, really do CHERISH those BEAUTIFUL SOULS. My daughter, Katie, is a city code enforcer and full-time student. She is a Senior at Sam Houston State University, where she is pursuing a degree in Criminal Justice. I am BEYOND PROUD of these two kids! Kaiser is my 100 lb mix breed which sees herself as a small lap dog. She began as one of our fosters from WCRAS. We adopted Zoey, a 6 lb Pomeranian from Recycled Poms of Dallas. She was rescued from an Amish puppy mill. And our third dog, Tucker, also started as a foster but was quickly adopted into our family.

My daughter and I FOSTER hospice, senior, and medical needs dogs for WILLIAMSON COUNTY REGIONAL ANIMAL SHELTER and AUSTIN BULLDOG RESCUE. We have devoted nine years to healing sick and broken dogs so they can become LOVED family members. To date, we have had 50 foster dogs in our home. I truly LOVE being a part of this wonderful group of selfless people. In addition, I began volunteering and fostering for ALL THINGS WILD this summer. We fostered two bottle baby raccoons for five weeks. SO MUCH FUN!!

In addition to teaching my subjects, I also teach my students to RESPECT others, animals, nature, and our wonderful COUNTRY. I think it is EXTREMELY important to teach COMPASSION AND EMPATHY toward all creatures.

I look forward to getting to know my kids and their families this year!